Travelling  by Flights, going on a plane is probably the first choice everyone have  these days. But there are numerous concerns when it comes to Air travel  especially with reference to handling of baggage and luggage.

What’s a checked bag for airline?

Checked  baggage is luggage delivered to an airline or train for transportation  in the hold of an aircraft or baggage car of a passenger train. Checked  baggage is inaccessible to the passenger during the flight or ride, as  opposed to carry-on baggage.

How does baggage handling work?

When  you check in, the agent pulls up your itinerary on the computer and  prints out one or more tags to attach to each of your pieces of luggage.

Once the baggage-handling system has read the 10-digit bar-code number, it knows where your bag is at  all times. After check-in, the bags enter the conveyer network.

Extra fees for excess baggage –

It  is at this stage that your baggage is weighed at the counter & you  need to pay as per airline rules for the excess baggage.

Baggage allowance varies depending on your route, class of travel, fare type and carrier.

Excess  baggage prices are displayed in USD. You can pay online in most cases,  at check-in desks in local currency as per the exchange rate.

Airlines  are under financial pressure to offset the cost of rising fuel prices  and many now charge excess baggage fees for checking one or more piece  of luggage.

Since  your baggage is not with you all the time while travelling on a plane,  you are worried what will happen to your bags that you left at the check-in counter…?

99.9  percent of the time your bags will travel on the same plane as its  passengers. Passengers want to naturally arrive with their bags and  possessions upon arrival at their destination otherwise travel becomes a  logistical nightmare.

On some occasions your bags won’t arrive on the same flight and there are a few reasons why-

1. You missed connection and your bag flew ahead.

2. Your bags were delayed and didn’t make the first flight

3. Your bags were lost and missed the flight.

4. Your bags were rerouted to a different city by mistake.

5. Your bag was damaged and could not be transported.

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