As much of the innovations are taking place in the airline industry and solutions are being found out especially keeping the baggage in focus - losing our bags or unable to trace delayed bags will soon be history in the airline industry.

IATA had taken a survey of global passengers comprising of 6,920 frequent flyers results revealed that –

  • 33% wanted to self-tag their bags
  • 39% wanted to use electronic bag tags which can be programmed at home before leaving for the airport
  • 61% wanted to track their bag throughout their trip

To comply with IATA’s baggage resolution all the airlines are using smart luggage solutions which helps tracking of all passengers baggage at major transfer points.

SITA - Air transport technology company says that “Approx. $3 billion over the span of next seven years can be saved by the aviation industry by real-time tracking of luggage.”

“The airline industry is on the brink of a revolution in baggage tracking,” said Jim Peters, Chief Technology Officer at SITA. Deployment of RFID system will globally increase accuracy and reduce mishandling rates. This is a win-win situation – operations will run smoother keeping all passengers happy also airlines will save billions of dollars.

With many airlines coming forward to invest in smarter solutions, an early adopter seen is Delta Air Lines. They have introduced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) luggage tags in April 2017.

Digital Tags and RFID embedded bar tags

While printed RFID embedded bar tags are practical and cheap solutions, some airlines and innovative companies are exploring digital tag solutions as well.

The top company providing digital tag solutions is RIMOWA's app-enabled smart luggage, which uses a digital display of bag tag information allowing travellers to check-in their luggage from anywhere and drop it off at the airport within seconds. It also supports airline real-time tracking of luggage.

Other independent companies are also working on similar sturdy digital displays, which could be fixed to your luggage. One such company is Netherlands-based DS Tags offers a digital luggage tag solution which uses both NFC (Near Field Communications) and Bluetooth and also updates flight information and baggage tracking details with a mobile app. The DS Tags solution would also enable travelers check their luggage before arriving at the airport.

Keep It Simple

The simplest solution is often the best. RFID is the simplest and easiest method for airlines to deploy as well for airports to support; also it is more affordable as RFID tags cost about $0.10 per passenger.

RFID tracking is already common in airline operations and mostly all airports are equipped with RFID readers which makes tracking easy. These tags are used to keep tabs on thousands of critical airline parts, including those life jackets under your seat.

Travel without Luggage

A survey conducted by IATA’s revealed that many travellers would like to travel without having to worry about luggage at all. 26% of passengers would like their luggage to be picked up from home and delivered to the airport and 24% would like to drop off their luggage at their destination directly.

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