The latest buzz these days is all around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) which is becoming popular day by day. The meaning and difference between these 3 terms is very unknown and unclear.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

This word is the combination of 2 words “Artificial” i.e. made by human or non-natural and “intelligence” i.e. capability of thinking or understanding.

As per the misconceptions, Artificial intelligence is not the system in fact it is implemented within the system to enhance the working and functionality. It is the study to train the computers so that the computer can do those things even better than humans. To add human capabilities to a machine modern science uses AI to implement in the system

Machine Learning (ML):

Machine learning is also a learning technique in which machine can learn on its own, it means that it can work without being programmed or code. It is the artificial intelligence that can provide the ability to the systems to automatically learn like humans. In this way, the experience can be improved.

Machine learning focuses on the computer program or code and then learns by itself. Machine learning is said to be replica of learning like the human brain. Machine learning is also called as a method of achieving artificial intelligence.

Deep learning (DL):

Deep learning is the approach of machine learning. The machine learning practices that teach the computers to react like humans or what comes naturally to humans. Eg: Technology used in driverless auto vehicles; how to recognize traffic signs or to find a pedestrian on the roadside is deep learning.

AI, DL, and ML are different terms as their learning techniques are different than each other. AI is the unique term but deep learning is one of the common approaches to machine learning.

Their applications in modern computer sciences makes these terms seem closely related to one another. To enhance the functionalities of the system AI is implemented into the system; on the other hand machine and deep learning can learn to react naturally like humans by its own without programming codes.

Just like Artificial Intelligence is used across various industries even supply chain management is one such industry that is benefitting by maximizing their resources and reducing time & money in the decision-making process.

A high volume of structured and unstructured data is generated every day in logistics companies. With the use of AI, the data can then be deciphered; streamlined easily and made business-worthy this way companies will be able to use this to their benefit.

In many practices such as planning, forecasting and predicting, converting manual processes to autonomous and providing personalized services AI can be of great help. It can also be used to place requests for identifying the products, purchasing the same, checking for damage, weighing and packaging as well as filing invoices. Human interference is cut down to the minimal, thereby reducing the possibility of mistakes.

To automate the process in transport management AI is used effectively. A lot of data can be collected using live tracking like scheduling trips, traffic, delays as well as live updates of the location. Additionally, the black boxes in vehicles can help provide information like the tire pressure, the temperature of the engine, etc. which in return will help manage transport better.

Hence, by using this techniques and systems, logistics can be improved in a lot of way wherein there is very minimal human interference. Even for arrangement of pick up and drop off slots for the customers these programs can be used.

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