So your tickets are booked and D-day for your departure is approaching. Now comes important stage of any travel — Packing.

How many bags to carry, what all sizes of bags you need, what all stuff you actually need to take, etc.

Packing your backpack is an art. How to pack a backpack will be a tough affair.

The  following may be a guide that is best used for packing any backpack  especially if you’re solo traveler and thought of carrying only a single  backpack with you -

Stage one

Get  everything out that you just assume that you might need to take, and I  mean absolutely everything. Get your laptop, camera, all the clothes you  own, and all your toiletries, get absolutely everything you think you  might take with you.

Stage two

Start to arrange everything into piles & segregate accordingly -

o Clothes — pants, socks, shorts, T-shirts

o Have to takes — passport, first aid kit, etc

o Would like to takes — jumper, big towel, inflatable neck pillow, etc

o Others — for all the other bits and pieces that you haven’t got a clue about…

For your handy use, at this point you can check out our packing list which will give you an idea of what are the important items that should not be missed at all.

Stage three

Have  a look at everything you have piled on and have a go at packing all in  the backpack. Take just important ones from each segment (assess which  is the best T-shirt, pair of shorts, jeans, shoes, etc.)

By putting the very bare minimum from each segment into the bag, you’ll soon see how it becomes full.

Stage four

Assess the result.

If you still have an excessive amount of stuff, you’re doing something wrong.

If  it’s full, but not bursting, you’ll only regret it as you’ll have no  room to collect all those bits of souvenirs that will appear here and  there and that’ll make you sad.

Stage five

The ‘final check’.

Make  sure you have packed everything you think you’ll need. Give it one last  check, and voila, you’ve just managed to pack your backpack and ready  to go.

Packing the area behind your back -

You’ll  soon realize when you try the thing on your back that it’s important to  pack the stuff that’s going to be directly behind your back correctly.

Get a backpack with solid back supports as opposed to the trendy little numbers or else it can turn into a holdall.

Pro Tip -

Packing your backpack is something that the majority individuals leave to the eleventh hour.

Why? Because that’s what you normally do when you go on holiday.

The  night before you leave you set along your underclothes, a number of  garments, sun creams, beach wear, evening wear, blah, blah, no worries…  stuff it in a bag, and away you go.

Occasionally  you may forget your sunglasses, hat, or, you guessed it, favorite pair  of pants… but it doesn’t matter, because you’re only away for a week or  two.

Hence,  if you follow the above guidelines well; you can attain the art of how  to backpack seamlessly and enjoy your travel without worrying about  packing.

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