Finally, concluded on planning for the much awaited vacation. Destination finalized. Tickets Booked. Packing list ready. Check, check and check..! The most mandate thing left to do before you begin your trip is: Travel Insurance..!

Tragedies and Accidents happen anywhere and everywhere, even while you are on a “safe” trip. Flight cancellation, lost baggage, emergency medical cover, accident hospitalization, or your entire belongings being robbed travel insurance policy will always come to rescue to any kind of mishaps happening in your trip.

It is most important to go through the coverage and get the most out of your travel insurance. Below are some tips that may be useful when determining your travel insurance cover:


In case you are going on one location then it is easy to check but if your trip includes multiple locations. Ensure that the policy covers all destinations; stop over locations, cruise stays or even one night stay over locations.

Medical cover

The most important part of travel insurance is how much medical coverage is provided, if it is sufficient and under what circumstances the medical cover is applicable. If you’ve a pre-existing medical condition, you’ll also need to ensure that this doesn’t exclude you from the cover you want to buy. You should also have a clear idea of what excesses you will be required to pay before your medical cover kicks in. Be smart enough to take the maximum cover as this insurance will be to the salvage in case of any health issue and you need to be brought home safely.

Natural Emergencies

God forbid but in case of any natural calamity arising out in middle of your trip, ensure that you are flown back safely to home.


Most of the travel insurance covers very minimum level of belongings. The catch is in knowing how much exactly is covered. You also need to clear out what happens to your belongings in case of –

Lost / Delayed baggage

Check if your airline is giving you compensation for your lost or delayed baggage. If your answer is NO, opt for a policy that can cover you for your lost baggage. However, do remember that the minimum time limit varies per insurance as does the level of cover.


What happens if your belongings and luggage is stolen in midst of your trip. Check if the insurance is providing you enough cover for the same.

Change in Plan – Trip Cancellations

Sometimes unwillingly you will have to cancel your trips, no thanks to unforeseen circumstances unapproved leaves, medical emergencies, etc. Do check if you can claim maximum money back from insurance for lost funds from canceled flights, car hires, accommodations, tour bookings, etc.


Knowing exclusions in an insurance policy is as important as knowing the inclusions. Always understand the clauses and caveats to all areas of your insurance coverage before finalizing on one. Do your due diligence and read through the insurers Product Disclosure Statement to get a good grasp of what isn’t included in your cover.

A few of such exclusions include:

  • Terrorism
  • Pandemics or epidemics
  • Military actions
  • Travel provider insolvency.

It’s a good practice to make a note of events or items that are excluded from your policy. In case of any doubts, do clarify with your insurer. To clear the confusion and make informed choices a call or an email is just all you need.

Activities and Sports

Physical exertion and sports is something that you have planned for your next trip. Ensure your travel insurance covers for that. Outdoor actives like bungee jumping, white water rafting, scuba diving, rock climbing, and even motorcycling are exciting but risky. Always check whether your policy covers you for the specific activities along with the conditions. Eg: scuba diving - it may be covered but to a certain depth.


We always have a misconception that insurance covers all valuables. But in case of travel insurance this is the last thing to imagine if you are travelling with all valuables and come to know that it’s not covered. Yes. It is not.

Items like phones, laptops, passports, cameras, and jewelry are mostly excluded from insurance cover when these items are not on you. This means these items are not covered when left at home or in the hotel or in a parked car.

While finalizing policy, always thoroughly read the Product Disclosure Statement or have a meeting with the insurer to understand insurance covers and under what circumstances you can make a claim.

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