There  are numerous concerns & rules when it comes to airlines, connecting  flights especially multiple carriers its rules related to baggage when  you need to take care –

Connecting Flights — Baggage Rules: Multiple Carriers, Multiple Rules –

There  are numerous concerns related to baggage when you have booked  connecting flight to reach your destination. Also there are concerns if  the connecting flight is not by same airline as multiple airlines have  different rules related to baggage.

·  Your checked baggage may not head on to your final destination if  you’ve got connecting flights operated by totally different airlines, so  be sure to ask at the ticket counter.

·  Some airlines require that you retrieve your checked baggage and  recheck it with the connecting airline for tickets involving multiple  carriers.

·  Other airlines that frequently operate in association with each other  will check your baggage all the way through to your final destination,  regardless of whether you’re flying on two or even three different  airlines.

When  designing your trip, check with the airline to determine whether your  bags will be checked all the way through to your final destination.

Connecting Flight — Baggage: Missed /Cancellation/ Delayed Connecting Flight –

To avoid any missed flights, always be on time. However in any case, you missed connection and it is the airline’s faultmay  be due to delayed flight or cancelled due to mechanical problems, the  airline will re-book you on the next available flight and also take care  of your baggage.

In case of missing connection due to your own mistake,  immediately go to your airline’s desk. It is possible that your airline  will get you on the following flight. If you have got to miss a  connecting flight and your baggage has been checked, it will most likely  go on without you; so your suitcase may be en route to the Bahamas  whereas you’re stuck in a chilly airdrome in Chicago. Connect with the  airlines on priority so that take care of your baggage at the final  destination.

Lost baggage — Airlines Make Mistakes

Checked  baggage might not build it to the ultimate destination based airline  error primarily — that’s someone might put your luggage on the wrong  plane. Putting ID labels on your checked baggage can facilitate its way  back to you.

If you find yourself in a situation where your checked luggage doesn’t end up in the same place as you follow below steps –

1. Head to the help desk for your airline and fill out a property irregularity report.

2. Your bag should be tracked down and returned to you within a couple of days.

3.  If after 21 days it’s still not found, your luggage will be officially  declared “lost,” and you can claim for compensation from the airline.

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