‘Baggage’ is the most discussed term when it comes to Travel, especially Air Travel. What is permissible weight limit, type of baggage allowed, dimensions of baggage, restrictions of items in the baggage, etc.

There are various news coming in every now and then on the permissible baggage limit while travelling. Often travellers find various modes and means to hide the actual weight of the bags to waive off the excess baggage fees charged by the airline. Also, sometimes travellers hide the contents of the baggage to avoid getting in eyes of customs and pay heavily duty charges.

As per news few days ago, “an Indian jailed in Singapore for taking bribes to under report baggage.

A 37-year-old Indian national named Hiteshkumar Chandubhai Patel, who worked as a customer service associate for logistics service provider UBTS between January 2015 and November 2016, was ordered to pay a penalty of 800 Singapore dollars for accepting bribes to under-report the weight of passenger bags on a flight at country's Changi Airport.

Patel's responsibilities at the work place included assisting passengers at boarding gates and check-in counters for Tigerair flights. However, he took money from an Indian national named Gopal Krishna Raju, who ran a side business of buying gold in Singapore and sending it to Chennai to be sold.

"Instead of using a courier service, he would look for travellers to Chennai to help him carry the gold over in their luggage, and they would in turn get paid by his relatives there," the tabloid website reported.

Gopal Krishna Raju offered Patel money and meals from January to October 2016 to under-report the weight of the bags.

Patel's offence came to light after Singapore Airport Terminals Services conducted internal investigations following a report published in the New Paper on July 13 last year, claiming that a baggage-touting syndicate was operating at Changi Airport.

Patel is the third man to be jailed in the last one week for accepting bribes to under-report the weight of passenger bags.

Last Friday, a 47-year old Indian national named Ayyadurai Karunanithi and a Singaporean of Indian-origin named Gerizim Kirubai Raj Deved were jailed for nine and seven weeks respectively for committing the same offence.

The prosecution said that corruption in the air travel industry was potentially detrimental to Singapore's reputation as a global aviation hub. “

We can see here that instead of using shipping and courier services available, there are passengers who commit crimes to get away with the charges. When they get caught, along with paying high fines also serve the jail term.

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