The type of luggage best suited for travelling in India really depends on your itinerary.

Where  will you be travelling — any particular location (beach, mountains,  city, etc), what season are you travelling, what is the occasion, etc.

However while travelling most passengers prefer a trolley suitcase; which includes major part of their packing along with a bag-pack.

A  bag-pack is a must have in all trips short or long distance or be it  overnight trips or couple of days trip. A bag pack is carried by  everyone which includes all small stuffs to carry and required in handy  while travelling.

Also  for long trip, a bag-pack is very useful wherein the main suitcase is  kept in hotel room and bag-pack is filled in with all sorts of  essentials to carry for the entire day travel and taken along the tour.

Also solo travelers, trekkers prefer only carrying a bag-pack & nothing else for hands free travelling.

Backpacking alone is a unique experience and you can expect to be challenged in many  ways. Being prepared can make a huge difference, so I’m putting together  this backpacking list throughout travelling in India..!

There  are many travelling & holidaying list available on the web;  must-haves on the go kind of list which you can refer but below is the  mandatory basic essentials you definitely need to include in your list  & after all your packing these will make their way to the bag-pack  only.

o Folder of Important Documents — Tickets , Identity Proof, Passport & Visa, Insurance

o India Guidebook — This can be stored even on Kindle, EBook but having a book is still preferred

o Lock & chain — Must have for locking the luggage in trains, guesthouses, etc

o  Money Belt–This is a travel security belt with a hidden inner security  pocket where you can hide your money and passport under your clothes.

o  Small Torch — Though torches are available in all cell phones but still  in case of emergency it is always handy to carry a torch

o  Eye Masks and Ear Plugs — Essential for getting some sleep on overnight  bus and train rides and in hostel dorms or noisy hotel rooms

o Mesh Bag — All-purpose bag for keeping wet clothes, etc

o Small coin pocket / Money Wallet — For keeping your travel money, ATM card, Debit & Credit Card

o  Travel First Aid Kit and Band Aids — There are drug stores (chemists)  all over India but it’s nice to come prepared with basic, lightweight,  high quality first aid equipment

o Headphones & Phone Charger & Power bank — Must have in today’s gadget world

o Scarf / Stole / Cap — To cover you from scorching heat and protecting from pollution, dust

o Toiletries Kit — Including Hand Sanitizer, Tooth Paste &Tooth brush, Sunscreen & Moisturizer

o Wet Wipes & Tissues — Keep this handy for anytime use.

o  Pen & Dairy — We all have cell phones now-a-days for any use of  writing some important information or taking contact no. or anything  else but whenever you are on a tour a small pocket dairy & a pen is  the mandate requirement.

A Good Tip:

Never pack your bag full…because you’ll want to save space for picking up souvenirs and cheap clothing.

But  also remember to take enough good quality stuff; because the cheap  stuff you buy in case of emergency may often not be of great quality.

Hence, keep in mind all the essentials & safety requirements while packing a bag-pack.