Extra baggage charges have been a matter of concern for people for quite some time now.

As per recent news on 28th December 2018, on excess baggage fees hiked by airlines, entire twitter was flooded with messages and it forced aviation minister Jayant Sinha to intervene.

Low-cost carriers (LCC) IndiGo, SpiceJet and GoAir hiked excess baggage charges earlier this year to Rs 400 per kg beyond the free 15 kg limit.

IndiGo hiked excess baggage charges on domestic flights by 33%. The charges for pre-booking 5, 10, 15 and 30 kg on domestic routes went up to Rs 1,900, Rs 3,800, Rs 5,700 and Rs 11,400 respectively.”

Some tweets related to the issue is as below:

Twitter user Satish Yadav complained on Friday about IndiGo airline charging Rs 4,000 for 10 Kg extra baggage. He tagged aviation minister Jayant Sinha in his tweet and asked on what basis extra luggage charges are decided.

Jayant Sinha responded to Yadav's tweet tagging IndiGo's official Twitter handle and asked the airline to follow up. The airline replied saying, "Hi, Sir. We will connect with the passenger shortly." Twitterati agreed with Yadav and called IndiGo's extra baggage charges unethical and not customer-friendly.

Excerpt from news related to the issue is as below:

“Worth mentioning here is that earlier this year Sinha said that the government has no plans to intervene or change the pricing mechanism of the airlines.

As per an IANS report, a Parliamentary panel in its recent report stated, "The excess baggage charges, charged by the airlines, are on the higher side. The Committee feels that the airlines should not consider excess baggage charges as an opportunity to increase their revenue apart from their ticket sales."

Ever since the hike, fliers have been complaining asking the government to intervene.

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