We have already read on various packing tips - Winter Travel Packing Tips and Tips for Packing Medications. But there’s one more basic need when you travel – FOOD.

Food may become a major issue while travel specifically if you’re travelling in budget and have specific requirements for food or if the trip is planned on the camping in the mountains or staying in tent in forest and have very limited food options. It is always suggested to carry one bag filled with food while traveling and will save your precious time, money and energy in any trip.


The easiest meal of the day to pack for is breakfast. As many breakfast dishes don't require refrigeration. Easy options available for travelers for breakfast is –

  • Pack of muffins
  • Frozen banana bread
  • Box of instant oatmeal packets
  • Fresh fruits like oranges or bananas
  • Bag of dried fruits
  • Granola or protein bars

Lunch and Dinner

A best option to keep your lunch and dinner from being stale is a cooler and the hotel refrigerator.

  • Prepare a few pasta dishes and soups at home, then freeze it & store in cold storage. Heat it up in your hotel’s microwave oven and swirl up in lunch / dinner.
  • Frozen marinated chicken breasts or hamburgers tastes best when cooked on stove & eaten up hot specially while camping.
  • A pack of few loaves of sliced bread and jars of peanut butter will always save you from hunger at any time.

Snacks and Drinks

Planning for snacks & drinks is the simplest thing as you don’t have to think about storing them under a particular temperature for keeping them fresh. You can choose from varied options-

  • A packet of nuts
  • Homemade trail mix by combining nuts and/or dried fruit and chocolate and/or peanut butter chips
  • For salty cravings - Pack pre-sliced mini bagels, bag of popcorn, chips
  • To satisfy sweet took – Take pieces of fudge or biscotti or chocolates
  • Pack uncut fruits like peaches and oranges to wash or peel and grab a bite
  • Take fruit juice boxes that can be stored at a room temperature and tastes well

Traveling With Food

Travel friendly food options will work for you on any type of trip, be it a luxury resort or driving to a deserted campsite. The most crucial part will be dealing with the airport authorities.

Do check with your airlines carrier about rules pertaining to carry on food along with you.

Refrain from taking strong-smelling foods onto a plane which includes seafood. This will be most unwanted attention you will receive from fellow passengers.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

These tips can help you eat healthy food while traveling; key to your trip should be stress free. “Let it be as it is” should be your mantra while traveling and try to adjust to the local taste and preferences when it comes to food. Explore new cuisines and dishes that are offered at the places you’re traveling and enjoy the trip.