We have already seen details on Hidden Charges while Travelling by Air and tips to avoid them but one important aspect while budgeting for travel, after the tickets is – Hotel.

Here are certain hidden charges added by hotel which may come as a surprise to you while you make payments during check out -

1. Snacks

You might end up thinking that the hotel will give you complimentary cookie or snacks if kept in your room, but is it not as you think. The thumb rule to be used at all hotels is always confirm and do not assume if the snacks and cookies is complimentary or paid. Almost all hotels have a convenience store or drug store neighboring, so buy some snacks from there.

2. Water

Water is the most expensive commodity these days and do not be under the impression that water will be given free of cost especially in foreign countries. Even if the nicely packed mineral water is kept on the table of your room call the front desk, if it’s a gift or a freebie or else you might end up paying heavily for the water.

3. Parking

If you are planning to take rental car from airport or your own car to the hotel, ensure to check beforehand about availability of car parking at the hotel. Not always the parking is free at the hotel especially during peak season there are charges to park your vehicle.

4. Luggage Storage

The rule of the hotels is to ask you to check out at early morning or latest by noon. Plan your itinerary accordingly in case you might have to keep your bags after check out at the hotel for some hours. Always check prior to booking with the hotel if they provide such services and fees for the same.

5. Towels

So you are really very excited to get a room in the hotel just on the beach. Ready to go to relax on the beach and taking complimentary towels from the hotel’s bathroom, ensure to return it or else you will be charged for the same. It is always recommended to carry your own towels if the pool or beach bathing session is always planned on your trip.

6. Safe

Providing complimentary safes for storing valuables, is the selling point for most hotel but few hotels might ask you to pay per night rent for using their safe. One to way to avoid this is to not bring your valuables in the first place. If it is so valuable that you cannot lose them and it would ruin your vacation, why take the risk?

7. Newspapers

You might be happy to see the newspaper in the morning at your doorstep when you first open the door of your hotel room. Little did you know that you will be charged for this convenience at the check-out.

8. Fitness Center

The high-end gym and fitness center can be very motivating to you for staying fit and taking the membership. Instead of using the expensive gym, take a run or a walk outside, go for a swim in the hotel pool or run up some stairs instead of taking the elevator. There are other ways to stay fit without taking the gym membership as well.

Always remember to check the fine print before you book the hotels, because some hotels will charge fee regardless of whether or not you actually use the services or not.