I’m a big believer in budgets and savings, especially when it comes to leisure expenses.

In the light of these new charges by the travel industry which were once complimentary are now coming up as additional fees; these unforeseen costs can add up in your total budget of the trip.

Below is a comprehensive list of hidden travel fees so you can steer clear of budget pitfalls on your next vacation.

Hidden Charges while Booking Your Flight

1. Reservation over the phone

When you choose to call and speak with a live agent to book tickets, you will have to shell out extra money for the personal services.

2. Cancellation and Refund

After booking tickets for the much awaited vacation you come to know that your boss has disapproved your leaves or some other emergency and you find out that tickets need to be cancelled or rescheduled. Little did you know about this surprise that certain airlines charge you cancellation fees; which is almost as much as the price of the original ticket.

3. Miles

Frequent flyer programs lure you to offer great deals, but they’re not as great as you have to pay extra fees for your “free flight”. This extra fee is in addition to fuel charges and airport fees.

Some airlines even charge you just to use the miles. Check with the airlines first that doesn’t have time constraints and let you book a flight with your miles/points without a fee.

Hidden Charges at the Airport

1. Checked Baggage

As per data it is reported that airlines generate about $3.4 billion in revenue from checked baggage fees. Since airlines have started to charge for checked luggage, travelers have been learning to consolidate must-have luggage items to avoid the excessive airline fees.

2. Overweight Baggage

By taking the entire world in your bag you will attract excess baggage fee which is charged by all the airlines. If the weight of the baggage is more than the limit of the airlines, try to reduce the non-required items or re-distribute some of the items to your carry-on bag.

3. Exit/Tourist Fee

Some countries charge you with the Exit fee or tourist fees at the airport during departure. This is officially charge that you need to pay at the airport. Do diligent research about the country you are travelling. Such type of fees is not disclosed in advance.

4. WiFi

With the upcoming digitized world, you are accustomed to the comfort zones with tablets, cell phones, laptops everywhere on the go. To access Wifi for checking the daily feeds or status updates or to really get some urgent work done you need to spend approx $7. Always ensure that you plan ahead your work and do not get trap to pay this excess amount at the airport.

5. Basic Necessities

As far as the basic necessities are concerned, it can put a heavy hole in the pocket. Due to tight airport security you are not allowed to carry water or food along with you. The airport vendors know that you cannot escape the thirst or hunger and they charge you invariably high for serving the basic needs.

A bottle of water can be as costly as $4 at the airport.

With the season of vacation on the go and If you are planning for your next trip; don’t worry about these hidden charges, patiently wait for our next read on few tips on how to avoid such hidden charges while travelling.

Happy Vacationing…!!!