Once you're off of the airplane and landed at your destination, it's very natural to get excited about hitting the road right there to start off your journey. If you've checked in your bags, the only problem is you have to wait for your bags to come around the carousel.

But there are many travellers full of excitement and enthusiasts looking to savor every minute of their vacation and might want to try a few tricks to smash their luggage's arrival time at baggage claim even if it is by few minutes.

One of the tricks followed by travellers is they ask the representative at the check-in desk to attach a fragile sticker to their bag. It is followed by many airlines that bags marked as fragile are typically loaded later in the flight and they even come out before the other bags.

Also an added advantage is these bags are exposed to minimum wear and tear.

The disadvantage with this tactic is that occasionally, these stickers may not be noticed by staff.

Another method suggested on Quora is, always be the last person to check in.

“Bags are always loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last, your bags will be in the last bag cart, which will make them the last on the aircraft and the first off the aircraft at your destination.”

Depending on the airline, aircraft or baggage handling team loading and unloading systems4 varies. Hence, in some cases, those who check in last might not necessarily get their bag first.

Two assured and reliable ways to get your bags arrive first is, by either booking a first or business class flight or joining an airline’s frequent flier club to receive a priority tag on your bags.

One of the best methods followed is not carrying your bags along with you at all, travelling baggage free and instead ship your bags. With simple and streamlined booking process online or by phone door to door luggage pick up & drop off services make the complex process of shipping luggage quick and easy.

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