Just like air travel, now be cautious of carrying excess luggage while travelling in trains as well.
Recently  there have been instances of excess baggage being towed in train compartments; hence the Indian Railways have decided to strictly enforce  its over-three-decades-old baggage allowance rules which were already  in place.

Below are strict guidelines followed by Indian Railways wrt luggage and baggage –

·  For the luggage to be accepted by the authorities it has to be legibly  addressed in Hindi or in English before boarding the train.

· Luggage has to be packed securely always.

·  If a patient is traveling by train and needs oxygen support, then  oxygen cylinders can be carried if a proper medical certificate is shown  and if some additional medical luggage is required, then it can also be  carried along with it without any extra charges.

·  If the size of trunk or a suitcase is of measurement 100cms x 60cms x  25cms (length, breadth and height) then it can be carried along with the  traveler.

·  If the size of luggage is bigger than the above, then it should be  booked earlier before boarding the train and it should be carried  separately in a brake van.

· Luggages of larger dimension and above the maximum quantity permitted are to be carried only by brake van.

·  As far as carrying of luggage in a brake van is concerned there is no  restrictions as far as quantity and type (personal or merchandise) of  luggage is concerned.

The  following is the maximum limit free allowance, marginal allowances that  is admissible for carriage of luggage as per compartment:

·  According to the prescribed norms, an AC first class passenger can  carry 70 kg of luggage for free and a maximum of 150 kg, after paying a  fee for the excess 80 kg.

·  Any excess luggage beyond free allowance can be carried by the  travelers with them in the same compartment by paying charges at 1.5  times of the luggage rate. (Scale-L)

·  Based on distance & excess weight of the material the luggage rate  is calculated & the same is mentioned in Scale-L by Indian Railways.

Scale L
Scale L
Scale L
Scale L
Scale L

· You need book excess luggage over the free allowance, pay the charges at the parcel office prior to your travel.

·  If a passenger is found travelling with un-booked luggage weighing more  than the free allowance, the excess weight will be charged six times  the luggage rate as a penalty.

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