With the latest update coming in from Bengaluru, Walkalators at Kempegowda International Airport parking lot to ease flyer movement.

There are final talks going on with the authorities for building elevated walkalators for Passengers at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). This will ease the movement of passengers and decrease their hassle of huffing and puffing as they lug their baggage between Terminal 1 and the parking lot.

The excerpt from the source is,

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), operator of KIA, recently floated a tender for construction of a 400-metre long elevated steel pedestrian walkway. It will stand at a height of 6 metres from the road level and will be equipped with freight elevators, staircases and moving walkways/walkalators to ferry passengers and their luggage trolleys in both directions.

“Parking facilities at the Bengaluru airport have been enhanced to accommodate more passengers. An elevated steel walkway with natural cross ventilation will be built, leading from P6 & P7 parking lots, with one connector from P4 & P5 parking lots, and will finally end at the pedestrian canopy in front of the terminal,” a BIAL spokesperson told TOI, adding: “The walkway will have a lift, staircase and moving walkways.”

This kind of development is just started from Bengaluru airport, but such facilities are yet to be initiated at other airports. Though such of expansion has initiated at a fast pace with many cities replicating the same. Completion of such a huge infrastructure modification at all airports is time consuming and may take next few years to see complete change.

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