As per the recent updates coming in from infrastructure upgrade from the Airlines Industry -

Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) is all set to get the first Biometric Self-Boarding System.

“According to a report in the Bangalore Mirror, a face recognition system under the Digi Yatra programme by the Ministry of Civil Aviation will be rolled out at KIA in the third quarter (Q3) of this year. This will make KIA the first airport in India to use the technology.

Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror, a BIAL spokesperson said that the Digi Yatra Biometric Boarding System (BBS) at the KIA is in progress.

Since the field acceptance trials were conducted at the end of March and the production of the hardware has begun, a phased rollout of the Digi Yatra would begin in Q3 2019. “Based on current timelines, we expect that trials and phased rollout of the Digi Yatra Central Identity Management Platform to begin at the BLR Airport in Q3 2019.

How will it benefit passengers?

With the dawn of the Digi Yatra BBS, passengers won’t have to rely on printing boarding passes. They can just walk through security scanners which will provide an advanced biometric security solution.

Once rolled out in KIA, the technology will be implemented in a phased manner at other airports in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

The report further adds that the operators at the international airport have signed an agreement with Portugal-based Vision-Box to implement the paperless biometric self-boarding technology at KIA.

According to this agreement, BIAL, Jet Airways, Air Asia and SpiceJet passengers may be the first users at KIA. But as per latest news reports, since Jet Airways halted its operations, its replacement on the list is yet to be decided.

This would make maneuvering through the airport so much simpler! We’re super excited about the upcoming development.”

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