Innovations around baggage handling are on the highest priority list for all airports and airlines around the world,

Recently there have been many improvements around baggage handling by the airport authorities around the globe. Yet it continues to be one of the main challenges they face in their quest of an easy, streamlined business model. This not only creates a stressful, frustrating experience for passengers, but it is also heavy on pockets for airports and airlines for the lost and delayed baggage issues.

In early days due to lack of innovation and technology even after constant efforts from airports authorities to enhance passenger processing operations the results were not as expected. Now with the help of every growing technology, airline industry is taking every possible step to overcome issues related to baggage handling. Recent update on the similar lines is – ‘To set up a remote check-in application’.

This is one service that is shaping up to become a potential passenger favorite off-airport baggage check-in as it will be hassle free for the customers because of -

  • Reduction in waiting time at the check-in counters queue
  • Rush and arrive early to check-in their baggage will no longer be required
  • Hassle of dragging the baggage from far away parking lots to check-in counters and many more.

This is possible with an internet connection and using cloud technology set up wherein it enables travellers to check-in and drop off their bags for their airlines at certain places where this application is set up like hotels, parking lots, stations etc. This technology will allow checks-in of the traveller and their luggage, it securely transports their bags to the airport and introduces them into the airport baggage system. Traveller will next get to see their bags directly at the destination.  

Many countries around the world are already giving these kinds of services to the passengers. As per data, Las Vegas McCarran International airport was the first to introduce off-airport baggage drop. Similarly services are used in Hong Kong named as “in-town check-in”  is found on its metro network, where the Airport Express line offers travellers the to facility of dropping off their bags at Hong Kong and Kowloon stations, then proceed to the airport bag-free. In UK, British Airways partnered with AirPortr app to bring a similar, paid service to passengers living inside the M25 and flying from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports. For £40 ($29), customers can check in their suitcase at home and arrange to have it picked up from an address of their choice. It will be then be transferred to the airport, where the passenger will still have to go through the traditional assisted drop-off process.

Airlines and airport authorities say that “If more passengers utilize the service in remote areas, the airport’s traditional landside infrastructure will change. Even if 20% of bags are handled remotely, the ticket counters will shrink. The airports are in benefit here – checking-in away from the airports is better and hassle free.”

The future of air travel is changing

At present, the centre stage and main agenda is ‘bag tracking innovations’ which will require airlines be able to track a bag anywhere once it’s checked in with the RFID and barcode. Be it on the aircraft or into arrivals or transfer areas. This information should be readily available & shared with the next handling agent in the journey. Once this becomes fully operational with 100% accuracy the convenience for passengers and airports will be achieved. Then this need for extra capacity could eventually be waived off for assisted bag drop-off desks.

One step ahead of this baggage drop off service wherein the bags need to be brought till the center wherein application is available and then only till destination airport is bringing this service at the home.

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