It’s a challenge to keep an eye fixed on your baggage at all times while traveling.
Protecting  your baggage has never been as necessary but with this digital age,  several travelers bring costly valuables with them and these are  difficult to replace.

So here is what you’ll do to shield your belongings and keep luggage safe while traveling.

1. Select the proper bag

Protecting your baggage starts by choosing the proper bag.
Hard-shell  suitcases are less adjustable to pressure and might crack or break from  rough handling. Soft-sided luggage will handle impacts of pressure  better.
Take a durable bag that is challenging to tamper with and keep it firmly secured.
If  you are distressed regarding identifying your traveling bag from all  the others on the luggage carousel, customise it with a bit of bright  ribbon, a scarf, or distinctive baggage tag.

2. Place labels on your baggage

Make  sure you and anyone who finds your baggage, is aware that it belongs to  you. Your label ought to provide your name, a destination address, and  get in touch with info like an email address and contact number. This  way, if anything happens to your bag, it’ll be a lot of easier for the  one who finds it to handover the luggage back to you.

One  alternative smart travel tip is to get rid of tags or stickers from  previous flights. This can facilitate to stop the airline from  accidentally sending your bag elsewhere than your destination.

3. Safety first

Close  up your bag and use a lock to hold it closed. Once you get a lock for  your baggage, ensure what you get fits the bag; otherwise you won’t be  ready to shut your bag properly.
A thick shackle is best, because it will be more durable to cut off.

If  your lock opens with a key, remember to keep that key with you safely  at all times, most likely best with the rest of your valuables.

If  your carry-on bag features a lock on that, make sure to use it once you  board the plane. It may be a problem if you wish to reopen bag often,  however this method it’s continually secured if you must head to the  bathroom or take a nap.

There are varied forms of locks out there in market aside from the lock & key-

o Use numbered cable ties

Numbered  cable ties provide you with a novel method of securing your luggage as  these can’t be replaced with one that appears on the tag, because the  numbers on the new tag won’t match the one removed as all are unique.

o Use a zipper Tie

Although  these do not replace a secure lock, generally zip ties are unbelievably  helpful for making certain your luggage aren’t tampered with. Most  suitcases with zips may be opened in seconds with nothing like a ballpen  permitting its contents to be pilfered with ease. If your bag arrives  on an airport carousel with the cable ties missing or the colour  combination modified, don’t touch the bag, call a security officer over  and inform them that your bag’s been tampered with.

o Use Tamperlock

Tamperlock  uses a three-step method to secure your luggage. First, loop a plastic  tie through the hoops in your zip and through a Tamperlock tag. Second,  move the zip in line along with your bag’s handle and loop that tag  round the handle. Finally, seal the tag in place.

4. Get the correct Travel Insurance for Your Trip

Lost  baggage is extremely inconvenient, to ease the pain, get the proper  insurance cover, particularly if you are carrying high-priced cameras,  laptops or smartphones. Scan the policy description all the aspects, and  ensure these valuable things are going to be totally covered.

By  remembering above security tips while packing your baggage, keep in  mind to obscure your valuables within your bag to keep criminals from  exploring through your baggage. There are several things that would go  wrong while traveling abroad, however with higher baggage security,  you’ll do a much better job of protecting what’s necessary.