We often hear debates and confusions on the word “Luggage” and “Baggage” especially while travelling or packing for a tour.

‘Luggage’  and ‘baggage’ are unusual in a way that they’re near-perfect synonyms  of each other. It’s rare to find two words that have the same meaning  and almost no distinction in their principal sense. Such is the unique  case, of luggage and baggage.

OALD (Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) says both are synonyms.

The pages of baggage and luggage define as below:

Baggage especially used in North American English = Luggage especially used in British English;

means “bags, cases, etc that contain clothes and things while travelling.”

The basic distinction is that “baggage” has a bigger scope than “luggage

Let’s have a look on meaning & usage of word “Baggage” and “Luggage”–

Dictionary.com says “baggage” means either of below:

o Trunks, suitcases, etc., used in traveling

o The portable equipment of an army

o Things that encumber one’s freedom, progress, development, or adaptability; impediment

Based on the origin of the word,

Baggage = stuff in bags

Dictionary.com says “luggage” means either of below:

o Suitcases, trunks, etc

o Baggage

Based on the origin of the word,

Luggage = stuff you lug (= carry/drag)

Often  people say that “To Lug” is to drag/carry a heavy object. Thus big  items like suitcases and big bags on wheels and all other big heavy  stuff is called luggage.

Smaller bags and stuff you could bring with you on your person all the time is called baggage.

So irregular items that don’t fit into bags or unbagged items are luggage which you carry along (e.g. cradle of baby, car seat).

You  might even go as far as to say that your luggage consists of your  baggage since its things packed in suitcases plus any unbagged items  you’re taking with you.

Luggage  can also refer to the suitcase itself; when you buy a suitcase you’re  buying luggage, not baggage, but when you fill it up with stuff and get  on a plane you’re carrying its either luggage or baggage.

Luggage or Baggage both, largely refers to “stuff you are traveling with”.

Nowadays however such distinctions are somewhat pedantic and archaic and the words are mostly used as synonymous.

We  would say just one thing weather its Baggage or Luggage, pick up your  stuff pack them in a bag and go on that much awaited holiday now…