Travelling is the only one activity that instantly lifts our mood and makes us happy. Travelling sets us free and we de-stress from our routine life. While some aim at putting a check against our bucket list of destinations some aim to binge on some local cuisine.

Always ensure that you have packed right for your trip so that do not miss on essentials at any time and are never in a panicky situation in case of an emergency. It is always suggested that you carry all your essentials in a carry on hand baggage, as it is always with you and there is no risk of misplacing your essentials. So packing your hand baggage must be the most essential things at all times.

Remember to carry these top 7 basic carry-on air travel essentials in your hand baggage.

1. Waterproof Make-up

This is for girls who loves make up and they always carry a big bag of makeup along with them. Either its coloured lip balm or lipstick or an eye pencil, makeup is always on the go with girls. Always ensure to replace your entire make-up essentials with waterproof makeup. You wouldn't want your eyeliner to drip down your face. Ensure that you always carry an extra pack of wet wipes and tissues. You may never know when you need these.

2. Sanitizer

It is absolutely unbelievable on the number of diseases that are spread during the summers. A sanitizer can't be the best option for sanitation, but you can always use it for temporary protection from germs and bacteria.

3. Bottle of Water

With the rising humidity and heat day by day, intake of liquids is an absolute must. Instead of opting for aerated drinks and packaged juices, stick only to water. Water not only quenches your thirst but it is also great for your skin too.

4. Nutri Bar

You can never predict what time and where you can get hunger bangs…! Whichever season it is, always keep something to bite on in your bag. Always keep something like mint, nutrition bars or a simple pack of biscuits, any kind of food is always useful.

5. Portable Charger

This goes without saying, you are customarily going to carry a portable charger and headphones. These basics are a must be it waiting at a restaurant or on a local train back home.

6. Body Mist

With the temperature soaring high upon us, bad odour is inevitable. As an alternative of carrying a deodorant which occupies a lot of space, carry a tiny perfume bottle. They are easily available in the local market and will actually help you get through some awful smelling times.

7. Spare Bag

Ensure that always ensure to carry a spare empty bag in your hand luggage. Spare bag is always an essential from the last minute things you purchase at the airport or to place your stale socks.

Happy Travelling!