As per various studies on airport security it came out that researchers have developed a very smart system for luggage collection on departure that can help to prevent theft of baggage, very little emphasis has been given to baggage collection and theft prevention process on arrival.

As per the recent updates coming in from the industry, A team at Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Punjab developed the novel solution that restricts a person from taking away someone else’s baggage at the exit gate of the airport also supporting the passengers by reminding them in case they have forgotten to collect their baggage.

Baggage loss or theft is a common issue among travellers despite having a tight security system at most of the airports. Also, airports have not come up with any system to locate or track baggage, which forces the passengers to stand in queue and wait for several minutes for their luggage to arrive. Travellers face long queues at crowded airports, and have to spend a lot of time in queues for collecting the baggage. Also at the entrance of airport has high security but during exit there is no one to verify that the luggage is taken away only by the rightful owner.

The proposed new system provides the solution to overcome both of these issues.
The baggage on the conveyor belts is tracked and the passengers are informed about their luggage arrival schedule on the liquid crystal displays (LCDs) placed near the conveyor belt and also indicate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of baggage.
Also during exit, our smart system placed at exit gates verifies the authenticity of the baggage owner.

The passenger can come forward as per the ETA to collect the luggage and exit from the airport door.  While exiting, the system will scan and authenticate the luggage details associated with the passenger and match it to a centralized database. The gate will open only if the details are found to be correct, thus allowing only legitimate owners to take away their baggage.

In case a passenger has left his baggage at the conveyor belt, the system will remind that passenger to collect the luggage from the belt.

If the passenger is taking away the baggage through the exit gate which is not associated with him, the smart system will alert and not let the passenger go out of the airport. Thus this new system helps the passenger during baggage pickup from conveyor belt as well as protects baggage from being stolen.

The researchers said the hardware of the system does not require much space for deployment and it can be easily integrated into the existing systems at airports.

With such a marvelous technology coming up in the airport industry, with this implementation you can always travel hassle free and stress free.

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