As per certain data, more than $3 billion fees were collected by airlines in the United States for checked luggage. The fees charged by airlines for checked luggage is not only going up alarmingly but also going heavy on pockets for travellers.

Large family vacations, group tours, especially multigenerational trips, can involve a lot of baggage. When there is extra baggage it can dampen the budget of the trip.

With so much innovations going around the airline industry focusing specifically on the baggage, It’s the time when door to door luggage shipping services are coming up wherein you can travel baggage free leaving the hassles for baggage to the luggage pick up and drop off company.

Even though shipping is usually more expensive than checking luggage with the airlines, the convenience is worthwhile to some travelers. While shipping bags or paying the luggage fees is rightly at the discretion of traveler. In most cases, overweight and oversized bags are the ones where shipping using a ground service is often cheaper than checking luggage.

Shipping bags not only provides you a certain peace of mind by giving you option track and monitor the shipment, it also eliminates a significant hassle in the airport.

With simple and streamlined booking process online or by phone door to door luggage pick up & drop off services make the complex process of shipping luggage quick and easy.

Catering to such demands and giving services in India, WeCCcarryy is here to take away your stress about baggage while travelling.

“WeCcarryy... New Age Hassle free Travel…! We provide Door To Door luggage Pick-Up and Drop-off...”

Yes… you read it right, that’s the reason WeCcarryy is here, to take away all this messy stress & arrange for your hassle free travel.

  • We help you travel baggage free
  • It’s a door – to – door Pick – up  & Drop - off service

Have a look at how it works –

1. You book the service a day before you start the journey.

2. We will pick-up your luggage from your home/hotel in Source City.

3. We will drop-off your luggage at your home/hotel in Destination City within 6 Hour of your arrival.

It’s so simple, so hurry; contact us now for all your luggage travel needs.

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