Whenever we think about packing clothes next moment is the big debate if rolling better than folding?

Does it really save space and keep your clothes wrinkle free?

Is there any other and better way?

When it comes to rolling or folding it is really a matter of your trip style and packing goals.

If you are a business traveler you will probably prefer to fold your clothes on the creases, may also place a tissue paper in the middle to reduce friction and help keep it from getting extra wrinkles.

If you are a Backpacker or solo traveller, most likely you will cram as much clothing into as little a space as possible. To do this, rolling method is preferred, which can also be done while keeping wrinkles to a minimum.

Let’s discuss these methods in greater detail.


Rolling is a method of packing that compresses your clothes and also makes it easier to stack and pack them into a tiny section of your bag or suitcase.

Rolling means you can treat your packing list more like the game pieces in Tetris, filling in gaps between certain items to take full advantage of the space and pack all the stuff required without leaving behind anything.

How to Roll Your Clothes

For items like shirts and tops, fold the body in half, vertically. Fold in the sleeves and then roll tight.

For items like pants and jeans, fold in half and roll them tight.

Try to pack items in your luggage or suitcase so that the rolls stay as tight as possible.

While a rubber band will do the trick, they tend to leave creases or lines on clothes due to pressure.

Another option is using some packing bands, but preferred method is to roll clothes and then place into a packing cube or compression sack.


Folding your clothes and settling them in the backpack or suitcase covers more surface area.

In the end, this makes it difficult to pack other stuff into the luggage without overlapping.

Rolling versus Folding

Some people debate that rolling doesn’t do a better job at packing smaller because a bunch of folded shirts that are squished into a bag will also be compressed. This is true.

In fact, as per certain theory it has been said that just by leaving your clothes and stuff to settle in your luggage overnight  due to the natural weight of the items squishing out air overall luggage size can shrink by up to 8% on its own..!

But here, its not just about the amount of fabric being compressed into its absolute minimum, it’s about being able to pack the stuff in their optimal positions so they remain stiff and well-packed — and let’s not forget about the wrinkle free part.

Pick between rolling and folding your clothes.

o   If you need more space in your bag or suitcase and aren't worried about the weight, then roll your clothes. This will take a lot less room than folded clothes.

o   If you do not need as much space and want to keep the weight down, choose to fold your clothes. Folding is also generally better if you have clothes that are prone to wrinkles.

o   Roll items as tightly as possible in order to save the maximum space. You can even use rubber bands or hair ties to keep rolled clothes intact in your bag.

o   Rolled items will need to be packed tightly to stay systematized, which is why this method is best if you’re trying to fit a lot of stuff into a smaller bag.