So we’ve seen what you may do to protect your belongings and keep baggage safe while traveling. Securing bags is also necessary once you have started your trip.

There are 2 stages to keep your baggage safe:
Planning the right baggage before you go then using it securely once you’re on the trip.

Keep reading for the few tips I’ve picked up which can assist you with the security tips on the go…

1. Never, ever leave your bag unattended

At  the beach, in a café, or even the airport lounge, always keep your  luggage with you or have a trustworthy companion with you.
Thieves  can act with extraordinary alacrity and your bag will vanish or have  stuff by selection swiped from it in the blink of an eye. So never ever  leave your luggage unattended.

2. Keep your valuables with you in your carry bags

Always  keep your valuables like your wallet, boarding pass, passport, driver’s  license, or medicine in your carry bags. You would like to to keep  valuable items near you to avoid the possibility of being lost or  stolen.

3. A line of sight is the best security

It  is next to impossible to always keep an eye on your bags when you are  traveling. When your bag is by your side, you can safeguard it.

But when its not by your side the saying goes, “out of sight, is out of mind”.

If you have to leave your bags unattended, you should never break eye contact with it.

No matter how unlikely, if someone tries to steal your bag, you can call for help or chase the person down.

4. Position of your bag

·  When you load your luggage into the overhead compartment, make sure it  goes in with the zippers and pockets facing inward.This will make it  difficult to open your bag, at least without you or someone else  noticing.

·  Alternatively, ensure the pockets are toward you when you put the bag  under the seat. You don’t want the person in front of you to be able  pull out something that you’re unable to see.

·  If you’re sitting in a cafe or restaurant, slip the strap of your bag  around your chair leg or secure it to the table (zip-ties might come in  handy too).

·  In busy areas, like markets or train stations, it’s wise to wear your  daypack on the front — you might possibly look a bit uncool hugging your  bag, but at least it’s not exposed to the world.

·  Handbags should be worn across the body with the strap diagonally over  one shoulder. Don’t let your bag swing away from your shoulder as this  makes it an easy target for a snatch-and-run thief.

5. Secure your bags

Don’t  leave the zips undone or pockets flapping open — it’s too simple for  burglars to steal your belongings or wait for it to fall out on the  pavement.

There are number of things you can do to protect  your valuables and keep luggage safe. The list does not ends here; it’s  just the starting point for better luggage security.

When you cannot keep your bag in view, do not put it at threat by storing it in an insecure place.

6. Ship Your Stuff

We  say it all the time: Consider shipping your luggage instead of keeping  an eye on it forever during your travel. This way you can not only  secure your luggage but ensure it reaches destination safely.

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