Mr and Mrs. Das both in their early 70’s are all set for their trip to Mumbai from Kolkata to visit their son Shantanu and daughter-in-law and their kids staying in Mumbai and enjoy the vacation of 1 month in Mumbai.

Shantanu has read about WeCcarryy and had also availed the services earlier during his own travel. Hence, while he books tickets for his parents travel he also books services from WeCcarryy...

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1. You book the service a day before you start the journey.

2. We will pick-up your luggage from your home/hotel in Source City.

3. We will drop-off your luggage at your home/hotel in Destination City within 6 Hour of your arrival.

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Mr. and Mrs. Das are now leaving for the airport with one small bag with their essentials and their luggage is handed over to WeCcarryy, team will ensure their luggage reaches Mumbai within few hours of their arrival.

Once they reach airport and are going towards check-in counter to collect boarding pass, suddenly a teenage boy is rushing towards his counter and dashes Mrs. Das she almost triples and almost fells on the floor when suddenly Mr. Das holds her back and shouts at the boy.

The boy hurriedly shouts Sorry.. Sorry..  but without looking back at the couple he rushes at the counter and goes away. With the help of Mr. Das, she gets up but due to jerk she is facing pain in her knee and is unable to walk ahead.

Luckily, with God’s grace, their son had booked luggage pick up with WeCcarryy or else taking care of luggage with this condition of Mrs. Das at this time would be very difficult for Mr. Das.

Mr. Das and other helpful gentleman takes Mrs. Das till the seating and make her sit. Mr. Das always have habit of carrying some important medicines with him whenever he travels and this time too in his bag with all essentials there is a medicine available for such aches and pain. He gives the medicine to Mrs. Das and asks her to rest.

In sometime, Mrs. Das is fine and again the couple holding hand reaches their check-in counter and takes boarding pass.

While on their way they thank god and their son who had foreseen any such kind of mishaps and not waited for it to happen and then take action. Rather he prevented the hassle and stress of luggage from his elderly parents travel and booked in advance – WeCcarryy - Door To Door luggage Pick-Up and Drop-off service.