The start of the Journey for Anushka travelling with her little 4 months old baby Vaidehi was not less than hassle, hurry and full of anxiety.

Anushka has packed all her bags and is ready to travel with Vaidehi from her maternal home in Delhi back to her in laws house in Bangalore. She has booked her flight as she feels it will be more comfortable to travel in airplane rather than taking up train.

She is travelling alone with the infant as her husband Vivek is out for business tour and parents cannot assist her due to their health issues.

Anushka is super cool today’s women ready to manage all the travel on her own and accepts the challenge of travelling alone with infant.

She tries to keep minimum luggage while packing but ends up with one trolley, one big duffle bag and one hand bag to be taken with her.

Her flight is scheduled for departure from Delhi at 1.30 PM in afternoon and considering all the traffic she leaves home 4 hours early to reach the airport and check- in. With a heavy heart she bids adieu to her parents takes off the cab to the airport.

It happened just as per Anushka’s fear she gets stuck at few places and reaches just on time at the airport.

The cab driver is very helpful considering her with the infant & helps her with loading bags at residence and also unloading them at the airport.

Hastily, Anushka keeps the big duffle bag on trolley and hangs the handbag in one hand along with baby.  With other hand she manages to move the trolley. Once she enters the airport after showing relevant documents and speedily she goes to reach the check-in counter.

To add more to the distress situation, suddenly Vaidehi starts crying and how much ever Anushka tries to calm her down she doesn’t listen and cries more loudly.

Anushka finds a place to sit with all her bags and takes out the bottle of milk and gives to Vaidehi. Anushka leaves the bags aside as her hands are now occupied with the baby. Now she is struggling with the luggage and the baby at the same time, changing and switching hands among the milk bottle, the baby and the luggage.

Anushka also checks the time on her wrist watch as she might be running late. There is an overwrought situation time is running out; Anushka is getting late to catch the flight and Vaidehi is still crying.

In some way Anushka manages to calm baby down and Vaidehi sleeps again. Speedily she takes the trolley and duffle bag in one hand her handbag along with baby in other and rushes to the check-in counter.

To her revelation she sees a long queue at the check-in counter. Anushka really needs a helping hand now as she will miss her flight in case she waits in the queue.

She rushes to the check-in counter and explains her situation and to her rescue comes the helping individual Nilesh at the check-in desk and the process is completed just on time.

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