The Journey of mom Misha travelling with her two kids 3 year old Reyaan and 5 year old Ziva was full of anxiety, stress and hassles.

Misha has packed all her bags and is ready to travel with her 2 kids from Indore to Kolkata. She has booked flight as she feels it will be more comfortable to travel in airplane rather than taking up train.

She is travelling alone with the kids for the first time and is excited about all the enjoyment and time she will get to spend with the kids.

She tries to keep minimum luggage while packing but ends up with one big trolley, one huge duffle bag and one backpack along with her purse.

Her flight is scheduled for departure from Indore at 4.30 PM in afternoon and considering all the traffic she leaves home early to reach the airport and check- in on time.

Hurriedly, Misha keeps the big duffle bag on trolley and takes the backpack on shoulder and takes her purse. She asks both the children to catch each other’s hands and she catches one end of her son Reyaan and his other hand is with Ziva.  

Misha with her other hand manages to move the trolley as she’s entering the airport after showing relevant documents and reaching the check-in counter to avail boarding pass.

To add more to the stressful situation, Ziva insists that she wants chocolate from the store and now she has to carry luggage as well as Reyaan and go to the store to buy her chocolate. Misha finds a place to sit with all her bags and gives Ziva chocolate to eat.

Once she finishes eating after few minutes Reyaan tells that he wants to go to washroom, Misha again picks up entire bags and heads towards washroom which is on the other end of the airport and they have to walk a lot; while on the way even Misha insists she wants to go to washroom.

Misha checks time and she is yet to take the boarding pass and she’s already feeling tired alone running from one corner to other. She had assume this journey to be full of enjoyment with her kids but due to the luggage and her small kids insisting on various things her journey is full of stress, tiredness, hassle and anxiety.

Suddenly, while coming back from washroom Misha becomes conscious due to loud noise at airport and thanks god that she had booked services from WeCcarryy for her luggage pick up and drop off.

The entire incident was just a dream seen by her in case she had not booked WeCcarryy she would have faced all this.

But due to her conscious decision she is able to enjoy her travel time and full fill all wishes for her kids as she’s carrying only her purse with all essentials and enjoying her time with her kids.

She then takes the boarding pass from the boarding pass vending machine and the entire process is so smooth and hassle free. That is the moment she appreciates her decision of booking WeCcarryy on time and avoiding all the stress that she would have faced in case of not booking on time.

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