Everywhere people rushing hustling and bustling going on, people rushing with their luggage, long queue at check-in counters, some fights going on at the counters for baggage while some making noise for preferred seats. This is the regular scenario seen at any airport.

In the midst of this hustle and bustle there is a lady seen named Yuvika with her luggage. She is having one hand bag with one trolley. She has kept hand bag on the trolley so it’s easy for her to move. She is walking very slow and taking baby steps she’s being extra careful on every step as she’s on her new phase in life – She’s expecting mother a mom-to-be.

Suddenly Yuvika stops on the way while going to her check in her counter, there is a pain & discomfort seen on her face and she’s almost in tears and in lot of ache. Limbing she reaches for a seat and massages her left calf as she gets a sudden cramp in her leg.

She’s stressed in pain with her leg and dragging her luggage with her. She’s struggling with her luggage to get to the check-in counter but all her efforts to get up goes in vain as she’s still facing lot of discomfort, pain and ache.

She relaxes for few minutes, looks at her watch and with all the efforts and strength she gets up to reach to the check-in counter. She’s still limbing with all her luggage and dragging her bags which is a big task as she herself is not able to walk and now she has to drag her luggage as well.

Suddenly due to imbalance her hand bag falls off from trolley and now she is struggling to bend over & pick it up. She cannot bend down due to her baby bump and moreover her bag is heavy & she cannot lift so heavy weight in pregnancy. She’s depressed due to pain in her leg along with this helplessness of lifting bag.

She now starts looking for help and a gentleman arrives who helps her out with picking up the bag & also assisting her reach till check-in counter. Hurriedly she checks in and acknowledges a lot to the gentleman for his help.

While moving towards her terminal for catching flight she sees a big luggage forwarding trolley with the ad of ‘WeCcarryy’ on it – “New Age Hazzle free Travel. We provide Door To Door luggage Pick-Up and Drop-off..”

She gets the details and then considers if she had book WeCcarryy services for her luggage, she could have avoided this tedious situation. All she had to do is, hand over the entire luggage barring the hand purse or small bag with her essentials, to WeCcarryy and peacefully feed the baby as everything is now manageable.

She can just take the boarding pass from the boarding pass vending machine and the entire process finally becomes so smooth and hassle free.

That’s when Yuvika decides for any of her next travel she will definitely avail the services from “WeCcarryy..”

Yes… you read it right, that’s the reason WeCcarryy is here, to take away all this messy stress & arrange for your hassle free travel. Travelling should be convenient & enjoyable just as your destination.

  • We help you travel baggage free
  • It’s a door – to – door Pick – up  & Drop - off service

Have a look at how it works –

1. You book the service a day before you start the journey.

2. We will pick-up your luggage from your home/hotel in Source City.

3. We will drop-off your luggage at your home/hotel in Destination City within 6 Hour of your arrival.

It’s so simple, so hurry; contact us now for all your luggage travel needs.

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Call us on: 080-470-92957

Write to us at: cs@weccarryy.co.in

You can book our service through mobile application get it from play store and app store.

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