For those who have to take medications every day, packing them can throw a twist in the packing plans. Packing medications as per the rules requires more planning.

But even travelers without any medical conditions should carry prescribed medicines like Cipro or anti‐malarials to prevent illnesses in certain parts of the world. No matter your situation on compulsion of taking medications, packing them can be a pain, but makes the trip run smoothly once you leave..!

Any part of the world you go you need to stay on the right side of the law here’s how to be with respect to medications.

Medications in Your Carry On or Checked Luggage…?

You might wonder whether you should carry medicines in your carry on or to be checked in luggage. However it is recommended to always put medicines in your carry on as you never know what might happen to your bags and when you may require taking them.

It might throw a wrench in your plans, making you skip out on planned activities when you arrive especially in case of delayed or lost baggage in case you pack them in your check-in luggage.

Over‐the‐counter medications and vitamins, however, can be left in your checked luggage.

Bring the Written Prescription

It’s mandate and also smart to bring the written prescription with dosage from your doctor if you’ll be traveling for a while or if you need it immediately in case you’re medicines are lost or spoiled. By carrying prescription, you can walk into a pharmacy and show it over the counter to get the same medication, or a close version.

However, some countries, won’t accept foreign prescription, but might be willing to help you an over‐the‐counter version available with them. Some medications, namely pain pills, anti‐anxiety medications and syringes, it’s always suggested to also bring a doctor’s note explaining why you have it.

Keep medicine in its original container - Importance of Original Packaging

While there is not much trouble with airport security questioning pill containers, there are questions with medicated lotion whose label had worn off. Hence, it is better to put a clear piece of packing tape over it so that, at least name on the bottle is visible.

Pack your medications in a clear bag.

Remember to pack all medicines in a clear bag so that there are no questions at the security check as long as all medicines are prescribed.

Accessories for Packing Medications

It is always recommended to keep your prescriptions in the original bottles, especially as it is easier to show to a pharmacist overseas if you need an emergency refill.  In case you are prescribed for baby aspirin for your heart or over‐the‐counter medicine for stomach pains. You can put these in a separate container, as long as you remember which is which.

To store temperature-sensitive medicine cold carry a cooler bag and ice pack

Some medicines are to be mandatorily stored in certain temperature to avoid the side effect or leakage of the medicine. If you’re carrying such a medicine packing a cooler bag or ice pack is necessary which can be refreeze at hotel for keeping medicines safe.

Better on time than sorry

If you have to take medication at the same time every day, make some sort of alarm so that the time zones won’t mess you up. There are website available that can help you convert time.

Also note Security checks are not equal in all countries, so plan for the worst and hope for the best.