We have already read about what are the hidden charges imposed by airlines which were once on the house and now we will see about some tips to avoid those charges.

Read on to find out how can you avoid spending on such unforeseen expenses –

  • Never book tickets over the phone

Time is Money. Whenever you book tickets over the phone the airlines will charge a fee for giving you a personal time. It is seen that price of a ticket is always high when booked over the phone rather than booking online.

Call for any clarification or queries related to booking, but book online either directly on the airlines website or through a third-party site like make my trip, Expedia, etc. Ensure to check the total price so that there’s no booking fee charged.

  • Flexible booking period

Always remember to book your tickets with the airline that gives you flexible booking period the time frame within which you can reschedule or cancel the tickets without charging any cancellation fees.  

  • Check your checked baggage

Since most of the low cost carrier airlines do not include checked baggage in the fees or sometimes they may have certain limit with reference to the weight of bags. This gives them a chance to charge you which could range anywhere from 25$ to 75$. Also, the not so unique charge for oversized and excess baggage can be avoided by ensuring to weigh your luggage before you leave, this will save time and money at the checkout counter.

Do not carry entire closet with you. Try to take minimal with you in bags and leave your toiletries at home while travelling especially if your hotel provides you with shampoo and soap and lotions. Also try to pay for the baggage fees in advance as most airlines charge you less when you pay online rather than paying at the counter.

  • Food and Water

Just like stadiums airports always tend to overcharge you. The prices of water and food is normally expensive than the local rates by at least by 100%. You can’t bring the bottle filled with water in, but an empty bottle is just fine. Carry an empty reusable water bottle along with you in your carry-on bag, and fill it at a water fountain near your gate. Similar to water, food vendors also inflate the price of food inside the gate. Always carry an energy bar along with you to keep you full and quench your hunger with lots of fiber and protein.

  • Printing your boarding pass at the airport

Most of the airlines charge you for not checkin online and printing boarding pass at the counter. For whatever reason, be it mistake in name or you forgot to print the boarding pass be ready to shell out the excess amount as required by airlines.

  • Exchange of currency

This is the most expensive thing you can imaginable do at the airport. Fees, service charges, and varying rates will dig a big hole in your pocket if you exchange the currency at airport. Airport banks and kiosks have one of the highest exchange rates in the market. A report says that these rates are 8% higher than credit cards and 4% worse than bank rates. Try not to use the currency exchange counters at the airport use plastic cards for any emergencies till you reach the bank or local kiosks outside the airport for exchange.

  • Not following the carry-on size requirements

Skipping the check-in luggage and going ahead with only one option -carrying a hand luggage along with you in cabin can still land you in trouble and payment of fees; if you do not adhere to the size requirements strictly mentioned by the airlines. The penalty fees can cost you a lot upto $100 in many airlines. Always check beforehand the guidelines of the airlines in case of baggage.

  • Trolleys

This can be the vaguest charge you will have to shell out at the airport – using trolley. Trolleys are provided by the airports for convenience of the passengers to carry luggage but various big airports charge the customer’s non-refundable fee for using the trolleys.

With such tips and tricks you can save a lot of unnecessary and extra charges while travelling.