Trains  aren’t most people’s first travel choice these days. Planes are the  go-to, but let’s be real; train is the most convenient mode for long  distance travel, especially if you’re on a budget.

“Luggage  while Travelling by Train” — This topic is not much discussed and we  would like to put some light on it. Read on if you want to know…

There is lot of difficulties faced while travelling with Luggage by Train especially if passengers are –

o Pregnant ladies / Expecting mothers

o Senior Citizens / Elders

o Having any physical disability

o Travelling with Infants / Kids

o Solo Travelers

Right from the start of Journey, carrying luggage is the real pain while travelling –

Carrying luggage from your home to station

Many  old buildings don’t have facility of lift and one need to carry the  heavy luggage and get down using stairs and lifting the same up to the  medium of transportation (bus / car/ cab/ auto) and reaching till  station. There are arguments with cab & autos too at this stage;  they charge you extra if you have luggage’s with you; sometimes charges  can be more than the entire journey cost of your travel up to station.

Carrying the luggage from station till your coach — Again  lifting the heavy weight from the vehicle and carrying till foot over  bridge; and this is the most tiresome step of climbing up the stairs.  Most of the stations now-a-days have escalators but still not all  stations have the facility of lift or escalators.

This causes most pain while lifting the heavy luggage and climbing stairs.

Many  of the passengers now –a–days use the trolley luggage for convenient  and hassle free travelling but the roads the base should be convenient  enough for the trolley to slide smoothly. Also trolleys do not work on  stairs and hence, lifting is the only option.

Also  there are options of Coolie available on most of the stations but the  charge they demand can be anything as there is no control on prices.  They charge you anything which may be even triple your cost of train  ticket. All this just contributes to the extra cost that you might end  up paying just for your luggage.

In the train — Taking  care of luggage while travelling in train is one of the most difficult  tasks of the journey. As always, try to keep your luggage with  you — it’s up to you to keep an eye on your things at the station and on  the train. Always chain and lock your luggage under your berth in a  train so that it’s safe.

While  going to washroom or want to get down to any platform to get some  stuff, especially if you are solo traveler then it is very difficult to  trust strangers to keep an eye on your luggage nor can you carry the  entire range to bags and move around washroom or on the platform.

Carrying the luggage from station till your destination –There  will be worst nightmare in your entire journey in case you have planned  to change over trains from one location to other and then reach at your  final destination. So lifting the luggage and again going all over  stairs crossing many bridges up &down; this could be very hectic and  tiring. Also repeating the journey by carrying the luggage from station  to hotel can be stressful.

You need to take care a lot while travelling in train about your luggages.

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