If you arrive early near the airport or at the hotel and check-in time is hours away, you may want to take local tour but worried about storing your luggage as you cannot drag those bags in your local city tour.

As we have seen how innovative travel and luggage industry is getting day by day. Here is another example across various places in the world wherein an innovative service is provided to the travellers - a service that provides luggage storage options at hotels, stores and cafés by paying certain amount on hourly basis.

Imagine you’re walking down the streets and reading the sign, outside a restaurant: “drop your luggage here" it’s a dream come true for many travellers.

This is actually a service provided by companies across the world who ties up with cafes, restaurants and stores at a market place, city center, and places with good public transportation to allow passengers store their luggage at such unusual places by paying a small fee to store luggage of travellers.

With the help of apps and websites you just to go online, choose service, make reservation as per time and place convenience and drop off the bags. You are given security locks and bags are insured. Just like the common rule for any luggage, valuables are not insured so do not store any valuables in the bags.  

As per article on livemint.com such services are already established & going well in various parts of the world specially in Europe–

Luggage Hero – Since July 2016

LuggageHero was founded by Jannik Lawaetz. He started off his service at the central train station at a local shop by convincing passengers to drop off their bags. Today, across Copenhagen, London and New York he has tied up with than 300 storage locations at hotels, cafés, and specialty retail shops.

With simple steps you can avail the service online as all details are mentioned upfront –

  • The storage capacity is listed with each shop,
  • Payment details for per hour
  • Handling fee
  • Insurance amount

Once you drop off your bags a storage timer is activated.

Payment is €1/£1/$1 (around ₹ 80/ ₹ 88/ ₹ 70; Copenhagen/London/New York) per hour with a handling fee twice that amount including insurance of $3,000 (and its equivalent).

USP: Free cancellation and you only pay if you show up.

Nannybag – Since 2016

Nannybag was founded by Matthieu Ballester with the help of Samir Senouci. The service was started in France and today they claim credit as the biggest luggage storage network in Paris, and one of the largest in the world. Nannybag is spread across in 150 cities in 16 countries. They store bags at their tied up hotels or businesses which are called Nannies. Here again entire information is available online and you need to book online but also pay for it online before visiting a Nanny. The Nannies accommodate all kinds of luggage.

Payment is $6/€6/£6 per bag per 24 hours with insurance of €1,500 per bag.

USP: Many Nannies are available 24/7 and some also offer additional services like free breakfast or a shower.

Stasher – Since 2015

This London-based start-up was started by the name CityStasher, by co-founder Matt Majewski. Now renamed and known as Stasher. Services are available in the UK, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and Italy, with plans to expand in the rest of Europe.

Bags are stored at local businesses, hotels and food stores which are called StashPoints. Booking is to be done online on the website and the confirmation email needs to be shown at the stashpoint while dropping off your luggage.

Payment is £6 per day, and £5 for every additional day; bags are insured for up to £750.

USP: They are open to unusual requests too, like short-term storage. For instance, a diabetic travellers’ insulin fridge.

Bagbnb – Since 2016

This start-up was founded by three friends—Alessandro Seina, Giacomo Piva, Giulio de Donato in Rome. They have partnered with cafés, bike rental shops, bars and hotels that are called Angels. It has the biggest network of Angels in Italy and has expanded to Europe, the US, Australia, and Asia.

The process is a bit rigid as you have to choose a location from the listings that has description of the place, drop-off time and pick-up time and pay. Once the booking is confirmed you will be given the address of your Angel. Reservations are neither refundable nor cancellable. Rates are calculated till midnight and many angels have fixed timings for pickup and drop. The price is €5 per baggage day. There’s insurance of up to €200 for every single baggage.

Such kinds of not so famous services are already in the world for more than 10 years and hence the trust is built among the customers. To initiate and establish such trustworthy services in India is a long term reality.

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