In today’s dynamic world, one of the most important aspects of customer experience is trust. Customers simply don’t want to engage in any business or activity with a company they cannot trust.

At WeCcarryy, we Trust our Customers.

Building loyalty among customers is the main criteria of our business. Without trust, there isn’t a relationship with the customer.

In most of the companies, customers have to wait on hold for a long time; fill out mountains of paperwork or do any other frustrating task, that customer loses a little bit of trust in the company.

At WeCcarryy, we are here to increase hassle of customers; rather we have kept process very simple so that customer enjoys their experience with us and our stress free.

Rather than customers trusting the company, if the company trusts its customers the company flourishes and we follow the same strategy at WeCcarryy. We Trust our customers by –

1. Keeping our processes very simple and quick.

2. Easy to Book - Use our mobile application to schedule luggage pick-up.

Details required are very minimal and basic -

  1. Your luggage is locked in front of you and secured safely with one time usable galvanized lock at the time of handing over the luggage to our team.
  2. We do not open the bags and check your belongings. We trust that there is no restricted items packed in bag as per our policy.
  3. Our services are very convenient. There is NO LIMIT on no. of bags / no. of kgs per bag that can be transported in a single booking.
  4. We provide Insurance to your luggage with leading insurance provider without any questions asked.
  5. We provide free storage for your luggage for 24 Hours without any queries or cost.
  6. We have immense trust in our customers and unlike other companies we will try to deliver the luggage twice absolutely free of cost. If still the luggage is undeliverable due to any circumstances, only the 3rd attempt will apply extra charges.

We have kept our process very simple and hassle free just like our tag line - New Age Hassle free travel.

We believe less the hassle to customers, more is the trust and loyalty as a brand that we can build.

So what are you waiting for, contact us now for all your luggage travel needs.

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