Imagine you are the last person at the airport conveyor belt and waiting for your bags to arrive, slowly realizing that your bag isn’t coming - one of the worst nightmares of any traveller.

You being a traveller may lose your baggage similarly there are many unclaimed baggage with the airlines. Many bags are retrieved by the airlines with –

  • No clue or information of the owner on the bags.
  • Details of missing bags with the airlines don’t match the bags retrieved.
So next question that arises is what do airline authorities do with this unclaimed baggage?

All airlines mostly do a lot to trace back the bags but on the rarest occasions that a bag remains lost where is it possible to end up? Surely, it must go somewhere.

If after 90 days no-one has been able to trace your bag, it could end up like much of the other lost property at the airports: at an Auction House.

However, they don’t sell the bags right away. In most scenarios, baggage sits at the terminal for about five days. During these days, bag is checked multiple times for any clues or information of its owner. Regretfully if no owner is found, it’s shipped to a warehouse where it stays for about 60 days. Finally after that, it’s sold to an auction house.

Airlines always attempts to reunite you with your bags as the formalities and cost involved in dealing with unclaimed baggage is more stressful rather than also costs a lot on pocket as they have to reimburse customers for the baggage lost. The luggage at auctions is sold for nothing close to the amount which is reimbursed, which results in huge losses for airline companies.

Moreover, not all of the airline companies sell unclaimed luggage to auction houses. Some of them even donate everything to charities, and some sell all of it in bulk to their partners: Companies that later resell each item separately.

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